Upgrade your operating system this Virgo Full Moon

This Full Moon in Virgo, is ruled by the element of earth, which illuminates what you care for and what you have been harvesting in your life to meet your needs, reach your dreams and fulfil your purpose.

This Virgo full moon is a great opportunity to boost and refresh your whole operating system. You can feel the pulse to perform a thorough system health check on your life.

Virgo represents your labour of love, and when you apply your innate skills, resources, and logic you can be of great service to yourself and to the world.

You are masterful, and now you have the opportunity to discover exactly what, where, when, and how you can use your mastery in your life. It is time to become conscious of the programs and conditions that are running in the backend and slowing you down, sustaining you and driving you. SO you can use them in practical, logical and orderly way to get what you WANT!

Virgo encourages you to step into the perfect version of yourself, in a useful, orderly, productive and honourable way. To use your tools, set your goals, create the steps, and follow through on the processes to reach your outcomes.


– get clear about what drives, motivates and empowers you
– consider what makes you feel useful and connected?
– own your natural skills so you can use them productively
– what order do you need to activate in your life to maintain your energy, wellbeing and power?

Create processes in your daily life that provide you with a natural order for your personal maintenance program. Choose to keep your mind, body and spirit supported so you can be running at your peak performance.

Make your operating system run on a labour you love. Harvest what you want and need to live with purpose and fulfilment.

Soulful Astrology Coaching is available with Aleni to explore your personal horoscope and tune into your natural life cycles. To book your appointment contact Aleni via aleni@alenimatsas.com 

*Soulful Astrology Coaching is available face to face in Brighton Le Sands or remotely via Phone, Skype or Zoom. 
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