What your numbers mean in real estate?

Understanding the energetic vibration of your home using the simple and practical approach of Numerology.

To work out your house number, just add all the digits together until your reach a single digit between 1 to 9.

For example, if your address is 789 Smith Street, your “house number” would be 6 (7+8+9 = 24 (2+4) = 6).

Read below to find out what it all means:

1: Your home will demand attention. It inspires independence, self-confidence and leadership.

2: A nurturing and sensitive place, to enjoy soothing cups of tea. It inspires calmness, peace and supportive relationships.

3: Your home is a creative and uplifting space for enjoying good times and laughter with family and friends. It inspires the imagination, childish playfulness and social gatherings.

4: Practical and enduring, this number inspires hard work, commitment and makes a great home office.

5: Your home is creative and expressive, enjoying flexibility and change. It inspires open communication, social networking, and renovations.

6: This number is perfect for an artistic and aesthetically pleasing space. It inspires family harmony, healing and being of service.

7: Your home is meditative and quiet space, which encourages peace and solitude. It inspires study, strategy and offers an escape from the chaos outside.

8: Your home is magnificent and authoritative, which makes it a lucky number for wealth and abundance. It inspires responsibility, strong family management and is great for business.

9: This number is compassionate and transformational. It inspires unconditional love, mentoring, community services and drama.

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