Numerology understanding the power of numbers and your personal year cycle

Numerology is the study and practice of the energetic vibrations of numbers.

When applied on a personal level, it provides insights to your psyche, through the numbers in your date of birth and name.

Its surprising how insightful this can be, when you explore the energy of your personal numbers, using your birth date and name. This is an ancient practice that has been passed on throughout the generations and was found to be useful and powerful by offers  a blueprint of your life. It reveals your unique resources, talents and lessons, while also identifying your tests and challenges. Enabling consciousness to be awakened within you, as self awareness, self acceptance and validation is experienced from deep within.

Along with our personal numbers, we are also living in the world, and can gain another level of self understanding and awareness by reflecting on our personal year cycle. This provides information on what will be theme for us throughout the year. As each number has a specific meaning and objective, we can view how this relates to our personal cycle and journey in life.

An example of this is the Universal year, 2015, which is reduced to the number 8, hence will highlights themes of karma, power and authority. But when looking at our personal year cycle, we must take into account our personal numbers and link them with the Universal year.

To work out your personal year cycle adding each digit in your Birth Day + Birth Month + Universal Year and reduce it down to a single digit.

Date of birth 
13. 12. 1976 
Personal Year Calculation
13 (day) + 12 (month) + 2015 (universal year) = 6 (personal year) 
13 (1+3=4) + 12 (1+2=3) + 2015 (2+1+5=8) = 15 (1+5=6) = 6

Now you can check out your personal year cycle theme below:

Personal Year 1

Developing new ideas, leadership and independence to invite new beginnings

Personal Year 2

Developing emotional balance and gracefulness to invite nurturing and intuition

Personal Year 3

Developing optimism and creative expression to invite inspiration and uplifting connections

Personal Year 4

Developing firm foundations and structure to invite payment and rewards

Personal Year 5

Developing adaptability, communication and pace to invite change and revival

Personal Year 6

Developing balance in service, love, honour and beauty to invite harmonic relationships

Personal Year 7

Developing your consciousness (study, observation, stepping back, strategy) to invite wisdom and trust

Personal Year 8

Developing your own authority to invite self empowerment

Personal Year 9

Developing your humanity and ability to surrender and let go to invite transcendence and transformation with unconditional love

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