We all have them, Patterns! Their very existence is derived to make you feel safe, protected and certain. Patterns serve you because you know what to expect. Trial and error has demonstrated and supported the conscious and unconscious patterns you have created and learnt throughout life. Some are ingrained from your childhood and society.

All patterns are a way for you to avoid pain!

At some point in your life, you discovered through experience that fire burns and decided that you would actively stay away from fire so you could avoid getting burnt. This created a pattern of behaviour whenever you are exposed to fire.

So let’s consider how this example could play out in your life….and the possibility of breaking free…

You are attending an exclusive weekend seminar, and you paid big dollars to attend. The host is world famous and he has changed the lives of many people through his teachings. You are excited and nervous to be attending his seminar and seeing him live.

It is the first day of the seminar, and you are having a wonderful time so far. You feel an instant connection with what he has to teach. Until he says something that crosses your boundaries. The host tells you that you can walk across fire without being burnt or getting hurt.

Now the pattern that has been running within you about fire is being challenged. At first you start to wonder whether this host is just insane. You wonder if you made a mistake coming here. Warning bells are going off. You notice that certainty about your safety and security disappear at the thought of walking on fire.

But then you also notice this other signal inside of you, it is also wondering what if it is possible to walk on fire? You wonder how would that feel? The uncertainty of it feels exciting, adventurous and brave. What if you could walk on hot coals and not get burnt. What if you could do the unthinkable. What if you broke out of the limiting belief you were holding about fire? The host describes the experience as a powerful way to break your own patterns, your own limiting beliefs. You consider, how empowering this would be for you. Now a new sense of security and safety appears. One that is not about avoiding pain, but facing it head on and being empowered. You begin to open your mind to the possibility.

In what seems like a heartbeat, you find yourself at the front of the line, ready to walk over the hot coals with your bare feet. You come back to your body, your pattern to avoid pain at any cost when it comes to fire has returned. Panic and fear return. One of the helpers touches you gently on the shoulder, they look into your eyes saying “You can do this – you can be fearless – you can be brave – you can do this”. Then you hear the chanting of the crowd, they are encouraging, supportive and seem so strong. Your eyes look ahead, past the hot coals, as you see the people that have completed the walk. They are jumping, shouting and celebrating. None of them are holding back and feeling fear.  You begin to feel it, this transition, from certainty to uncertainty. This feeling of excitement and adventure for what is yet to be known. It overrides the fear. All of a sudden your body moves forward and you step onto the hot coals, you are now in total control. You reach the end and a bucket of cold water and ice is thrown at your feet. You are not hurt and nothing got burnt. Relief. Joy. You start to jump up and down screaming that you are free! You just broke your pattern. Now life will never be the same. Now you have experienced that only pattern that makes any sense, is the one that ensures you stand in your own inner power and don’t require the rules, restrictions and limitations to keep you feeling safe and secure.

You are strong enough to handle whatever comes your way!

© 2013 aleni matsas. All rights reserved.

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