Love is…


Love is such a glorious four letter word, but more than words it is the core of our existence. It is the air that we breath, the sun that lights up our day, and the depth of emotional connections we feel.

Love is sacred.

Love is nameless.

Love is peaceful.

Love is forgiveness.

Love is compassionate.

Love is unconditional.

Love is expansive, giving and nurturing.

Love is mindful and accepting.

Love is formless, timeless and spacious.

Love is peaceful which calms and warms your heart and soul.

Love is priceless and can’t be sold, bartered or dissolved.

Love is a gift to be appreciated, nurtured and shared.

Love is the unity of all living things, the oneness effect.

Love is the connection between you and me, and all relationships.

Love is when you are making love and you no longer sense yourself as separate from your partner as you unite together in an orgasmic state of rhythmic harmony.

Love is grace and gratitude.

Love is anytime, anywhere and everywhere…

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