Manifest and surrender with Full Moon Intentions

“What has been culminated in the dark of night, is now ready to be conscious. It is awakened, released, exposed, and fulfilled.”

Participating in Full Moon rituals are beneficial to assist you in releasing, surrendering and letting go of all that is no longer required for you to move forward. The releasing of all that is no longer required and for affirming your conscious awakening and new sense of sight, knowing and being.

– When writing your wishes, clearly state each one as factual, confirming that you are releasing this thought, event, situation, feeling, etc with clarity and conviction. Be mindful of the words and feelings that you use in wishes, and make sure that they resonate for you.

– Don’t make wishes on behalf of others, as every person controls their own destiny.

– Participate in your wishes, take responsibility for what you are setting in motion and stay true to your intentions. As you will reap what you sow.

– Pay attention to the Zodiac Sign that embodies the Full Moon as this will provide more detail on what is being illuminated and assist in the releasing and awakening wishes ritual.

Full Moon Wishes Ritual

1. Light a candle to honour the illumination and fulfilment the Full Moon is offering.

2. Light incense,  sage, white sage, frankincense or sandalwood are the best and will complement the releasing process as it removes negative energies and provides protection.

3. Sit where you can feel the energy of the Full Moon, preferably outdoors under the moonlight. Take some time to sit in stillness, breathing in and out the energy the offerings of the Full Moon. (This may be when you receive your more insights)

4. Read this mantra to prepare you for the releasing and awakening ritual:

“Full Moon I give thanks to all that has been culminated in the dark of night, to the knowledge and awareness you have brought to my sight. I take this time to release and let go, all of the baggage that I have been carrying, and ask that it is sent into the light. I am ready and able to walk my path illuminated by your divine light.”

5. Releasing and Exposing – using a blank sheet of paper title the page with the word “Releasing”. Then write down all that you wish to release and let go.

6. Now take the “Release” list and place it over the burning flame and watch it turn to ashes as it disappears acknowledge that it no longer has any power or control over you. (the ashes can be buried in the earth but know that you have already sent them away and into the light with your intentions)

7. Awakening and Fulfilment – Using a second sheet of paper title the page with the word “Awakening”. Now list all the conscious awakening that you have discovered from your  new sense of sight, knowing and being. Include any additional insights you would like to manifest into your experience here establishing your solid foundations.

8. Keep this “Awakening” list somewhere safe so that you can reference it at any time.

9. Give thanks and gratitude to the Divine, Mother Earth and Moon for all that now is.

10. Blowing out the candle will symbolise the ritual is now complete.

Extra Powerful Full Moons for You

When the Moon falls in your Sun Sign this will be the most powerful time for you as an individual to set your intentions for the next twelve months with a focus on your hero’s journey and your sanity.

When the Moon falls in your natal Moon Sign this will be a potent time to illuminate and cultivate with what makes your heart sing and your soul happy.

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One thought on “Manifest and surrender with Full Moon Intentions

  1. What a great way to let go of old beliefs, limiting decisions and energy that no longer serves us. Thank you Aleni for a wonderful post with a powerful process.

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