Creating your New Moon Wishes

The New Moon is the beginning and birthing phase of the Moon’s 29.5 day cycle around the Sun. Making it a perfect time to release the old, do some inner reflecting and then allow the seeds of new inspiration to be planted. 

Starting a practice of New Moon Wishes is a potent and powerful way for you to create what you want and stay focused on achieving your heart desires. 

Set your NEW MOON intentions:

  • Do a short meditation to ground yourself
  • Write down your New Moon intentions in a positive, factual and confirming statement. (They can be big or small and you can choose how many my recommendation is up to 10. Also I usually make my big list on my Sun Sign New Moon and monitor this yearly. Then on monthly new moons, I use it as a check in and tune up for the various aspects of my life).
  • Place it somewhere you will see it often, to remind and inspire you. Behave, act and take responsibility for what your intentions are. Be in alignment with your intentions. In other words, don’t make a wish to start a new diet and then ignore it.
    You will reap what you sow.
  • Only make wishes on behalf of yourself, as every person controls their own desires.

When the New Moon is in your Sun Sign or natal Moon Sign, this happens once every 12 months,  this is an even more powerful time for you. As it means the New Moon will be passing over your natal Sun or Moon.

When the New Moon is in your Sun Sign – this is a SUPER IDENTITY CHECK IN time for you! It’s time to look at how you spend your time, your energy and your focus. What is keeps you buzzing in life? It is your invitation to set new intentions to stay on your hero’s journey, and reach your true potential.

When the New Moon Sign your Moon Sign – this is a SUPER EMOTIONAL CHECK IN time for you! Its time to get real about what makes your heart sing and spend more time doing the things you love! Getting honest and real with yourself. Taking action for what you want to experience and how you want to feel!

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