Dark Trance

Dark Trance

When the dark trance calls

Feelings of overwelment and despair breed inside

Fear prevents me from living true

These moments of trance can last a minute or more than a few

It seems in this space that there is nothing to do

I am lost in the moment of dark trance blues

Until a flash of light seeps in and I remember to fight

To be free from the density that seems to be holding me tight

I lift my head up and start to breathe

I step outside into the sunshine’s light

Allowing healing rays of natures love to transcend on me

Holding out my hands, I let go, let go, go

The warmth seeps into my soul

Reminding me of a love I had forgotten but once known

In stillness the heart goes on beating and my body breathing

A sense of peace and joy returns to me

I remember to remember the love in me

Gratitude comes and forgiveness follows

Releasing the dark trance I fell prey to

And I say goodbye to the current sorrow

Hopeful that the light of love will hold me until tomorrow

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© 2013 aleni matsas. All rights reserved.

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