Discovering that I am more than my physical body, that I am spirit and soul incarnate, somehow brings me great peace. At the same time it has also created a disconnect from my physical self. As I focus on my spirit and soul, I lose sight of the form that holds me and binds me to this earth.

The words “I am my body” appeared before me the other day, and I felt an instant knowing. I knew in that moment I was disconnected. It was an awakening line that made me mindful of my whole self.

I am not my body, I am not my mind, I am not my soul, I am not my spirit, I am neither of these in separateness. I am all of these in oneness, in this life. They all work together and I must work together with all of them.

The separation begins at birth, from the womb of our mother. This sacred womb releases us into the world and we become separate. Our first touch, being held, we are yet again connected to our nurturers love, a reminder that we are whole in our mind, body, spirit and soul.

As we evolve, the touching and connection we experience transforms. We mature and become more able, and separation, independence falls upon us. We go forth in life with independence yet we seek the connection of the sacred womb, the gentleness, the wholeness, the love, and that peace within. The oneness of all.

Connection with others begins when we connect with self, it is not exclusive but inclusive.

When you truly find yourself, you will always find others. When you love yourself, you will love and be loved by others. When your heart is open, you will be allowing, accepting and  bear anything that comes to pass. When your mind is free of thought forms that negate you, then all experiences have no meaning and you can enjoy each moment for all that it is.

When I AM at one within, I AM at one without.

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One thought on “I AM

  1. A profound teaching on remembering that we are more than any single part and the importance of being kind to ourselves. Thank you Aleni for such a beautifully written piece.

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