The Power of Numbers Numerology Insight


 “Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.” St.Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354–430) 

Pythagoras, the renowned mathematician believed that numbers had a vibrational energy and provided us archetypes that we could relate with.

Is it possible that my birth date was not an accident? Is it possible that the date we are born is not a coincidence but is actually part of our life’s path? Could it be true that the challenges faced in life are a way for us to integrate and evolve into our highest potential, and could all this truly be written in the numbers from our birth date? Can my name mean more than just my name?

The power of numbers is truly a magical practice and concept. Understanding that my birth date can be broken down into a single digit, which reflects my life’s path and helps me “get” myself better, and that my name can be transformed into numbers which reflect my soul, personality and destiny are gifts I am willing to receive. Hence I commenced my journey of self discovery with this ancient tool, Numerology, and throughout the years of practice and study I have had the opportunity to connect with what I like to refer to as my personal idiosyncrasies, my patterns, my gifts and my challenges. All of which give me insight and aid me on my path in life.

To work out your Life Path number, add each digit in your birth date and then reduce it down to a single digit.

Example: Date of birth: 13. 12. 1977

 = 1+3+1+2+1+9+7+7 = 31

= 3+1 = 4


= (1+3) + (1+2) + (1+9+7+7)

= 4+3+24 = 31

= 3+1 = 4

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