IMG_1327How do we go on living our lives when we have death hanging over us, from our very first breath.

Death is such a taboo topic and yet we know that we are all going to be faced with it some day. If we are lucky we may only endure our own end, but generally we will glimpse at death through the eyes of our loved ones.

From a young age I have had a front row seat in the path of death and dying. My ticket allowed me to experience that sense of loss and grief that is only felt when someone you love passes on. Has it made me stronger in the eyes of death? Maybe, I am more accepting of its inevitability and it has highlighted my own mortality.

Death has also brought me the gift of life, teaching me to be mindful, grateful and appreciate what is. I choose not to take the people in my life, who I love, for granted. To remember that each moment I spend with them is precious and I make a conscious effort. I don’t equate this with being seen and heard, but by being present when I am with them. I don’t get lost in things that have no meaning, and I readily forgive and forget. I am willing to take chances, to break out of my comfort zone, to try new things, and take a leap of faith. I am not concerned with the quantity of moments I spend with the ones I love but with the quality of each moment we share.

Life is short and this should inspire us to live our life with as much fulfillment and joy as we can. To do the things we put off for another day, now. To take the plunge, to spread love around, to give and receive with open arms, to appreciate our loved ones, to be grateful for what we have and to remember that time waits for no one.

May this inspire you to spend quality time with those you love, to become present for them, remembering that quantity does not equal quality! May you step out of your comfort zone and take flight in the direction of your dreams, because at least this way you will die doing, and may each breath you take be meaningful and purposeful.

Life is short, no matter how many years you get, hence the quality of our life is what will matter in the end.

To live a life that is full of love and inspiration is far more memorable than to live a life that is simply long!

I dedicate this blog to all my loved ones that have passed away, who have walked through the gateway to heaven, to my dearest friend who is currently sitting in the waiting room, and all of us who still have more time to do……….

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4 thoughts on “Life is short

  1. Sometimes we read a post that moves us, a message so important that it stops us in our tracks bringing a light of re-evaluation to our lives. This is one of those times. A powerful message, but more importantly, a deeply meaningful and reminder of the beauty of life we hold in our hands.

    1. Thank you – I believe in “doing” life and “being” alive and whatever takes away the fears we have brings us that one step closer. It makes me happy that you got this!

  2. I chose not to read this when I saw it posted the other day, until today, to set time aside to absorb it. Quite simply, I knew it would be deep enough to stop me, wherever I was, and start my mind ticking overtime. And it did not fail to do so. Thank you Aleni for the reminder of things I need to get on with…

    1. I appreciate you taking time out to absorb the message shared in this. It makes my heart sing to know that it made the connection to get your juices thinking and moving with the “things” you want to get on with…

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