Will I trust in me?

A wise woman shared her research on the benefits experienced when we are vulnerable enough to let go of our fears and trust in who we are. She found that it took “Courage” for us to do this. Listening to her speak I knew that her message was resonating deeply within me. I understood that courage was required for many things, and to be vulnerable indeed required the heart of a lion.

Her words lead me to thinking about being vulnerable in my everyday life, specifically in the moments shared with others. I started to wonder how vulnerable I allowed myself to be in the presence of others. I reflected on past relationships where I felt that trust may have been an issue. It became evident to me that thoughts such as, “I don’t trust this person enough to say that or share my story with them” were part of my thinking process as I interacted with others. These would alter depending on the situation or relationship, such as meeting someone new or the type of environment we were interacting in.

I wondered about the reasons I held for my dis-trust of others. Wondering lead me to uncover, if I was to be totally honest with myself, that it was my own in-ability to trust in me that caused me to lack trust in another person. That my judgement of trust in another was actually my judgement of trust in me and it had nothing to do with the other person or if they were trustworthy or not.

Clarity comes with knowing my fear of trust has everything to do with my own ability to be vulnerable, to have the courage to exist without the mask, to just be me, authentic and true in any and all interactions and situations.

The wise woman’s words sing to my soul and I am filled with an empowered sense of courage, vulnerability and freedom.

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2 thoughts on “Will I trust in me?

  1. What an amazing and honest level of self reflection. Aleni has again prompted us to not only think, but think about ourselves in an entirely new way. Love it.

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