Are you Lucky?

I hear the word “Lucky” being thrown around quite a bit and it is usually about people that appear to have good fortune. “Oh that Jan, she is so “Lucky”, she just won a million dollars playing lotto”.  When I think about Jan, I label her “Lucky” because she now has something I want, I realise it has more to do with me than her. I don’t consider the fact that I was not part of the game.

Many discussions with friends about being “Lucky” have lead me to believe that being “Lucky” is not a compliment but a disempowering statement. I have been called “Lucky” many times in my life and I have also agreed. But as I ponder this further, I realise that it is a judgement call from an observers’ perception. The label “Lucky” doesn’t include the facts. It dismisses the action taken, decisions made and a person’s willingness to take a chance in creating some magic in their life. It doesn’t take into account the investment for the outcome. It ignores the details.

Being “Lucky” has one constant in all equations – Me. I can choose to be a creator for my life or I can choose to live in a whimsical world of default circumstances. For instance when opportunities arise, I choose to take them or to let them pass me by. When I take the opportunities, when I take action and when I participate others may perceive the outcome achieved to be “Lucky”. Giving no consideration or credit to any effort or compromise that may have been made to achieve the so called luck. The word “Lucky” becomes a blanket statement of ease which only exists from the observer’s point of view.

Is it luck when an actor gets that “Lucky” break, after working in the background for many years, putting themselves through acting classes, working any job just to pay bills so that one day they will land a role which puts them in the limelight. They stay determined, though all the setbacks, they don’t give up, and they persist in creating what they want for their life. When they finally make it, we call them “Lucky” taking away any and all credit for their hard work in the process.

The word “Lucky” reminds me that there are no shortcuts and if I want something in life then I must make it happen. I can’t sit on my backside and just wish for it to happen to me.

I am the creator of my life, and I am not “Lucky”.

I choose to create my life experiences and not rely on Luck to get me through!

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2 thoughts on “Are you Lucky?

  1. Sometimes words capture the essence of a message and sometimes they go beyond merely capturing it to transporting its meaning into our blood. This is one of those moments. Amazing post.

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