Enchanting Home

Your touch, smell, sounds, sights, taste, and holy cows intoxicated my senses


In all of the days I was in your warm embrace

I was energised by your vibrant space

I felt you holding my hand

Showing me love throughout all of your land


You took me in like I was your own

You cleansed my heart, my body and soul

You inspired me to trust in my truth and to just let go

You enabled me to be present in your hold


You strengthened my resolve

A mirror from which I could see my reflection

A window from which I could see my projections

In all of the chaos I found freedom and peace

Oh India

I will always be grateful for the experiences shared in your enchanting home


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© 2013 aleni matsas. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Enchanting Home

  1. There are no words to describe that time, but you found them. I don’t know you outside of our time of India, but while there you radiated so much love, Aleni… and I highly suspect you do the same wherever you are:)

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