Princess of Truth

It seems that everyone thinks I am a Princess, I have never found myself offended by the title. Being a Princess to me means many things, it is not just about having materials goods, like a princess would, but it is about the respect you have for yourself and others. That you can speak your mind freely, that you know what you want and you know how to get it. It is a sense of inner goddess power, derived from the traditions of days gone by when the word Princess actually meant royalty and not gossip magazines. To be regal in oneself is what I consider a Princess.

So whilst travelling through the faraway lands of India, I had many comments made, “how can the Princess use a squat toilet?”, “OMG you are staying where?” and “who is this person and what have you done with my friend?”.  I found it amusing that that the label of Princess meant that I could not get down and dirty with the rest of the world. That being a so called Princess was excluding me from living a simpler existence which is precisely the existence which I long for and I am working towards. I had a bit of a realization as I mused over my friends comments, I truly was a Princess, I was being totally raw, honest and regal. I was not bound by any expectations nor was I being defined by them. I could walk side by side with everyone with my open heart and open mind that allowed the various natures of life to engulf me. I was not trapped in a label, I was defining the label for me, I am a Princess.

A Princess of Truth.

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